Dave McKenzie


PagerMon is an API driven client/server framework for parsing and displaying pager messages from multimon-ng.

The server is built around a Node/Express/Angular/Bootstrap stack, while the client scripts are Node.js scripts that receive piped input.

The application is built to be extensible, with support for user made plugins and growing support for various database connectors.


Pumpbot is a Node.js script for the quick buying of cryptocurrencies on the Bittrex exchange.

It is designed with a performance focus to enable rapidly buying a coin and setting profit targets and stop-loss simultaneously.

Pumpbot forms a part of a larger set of tools and ChatOps scripts developed for a small trading community.


My background is mostly in the Cloud/MSP space, with a strong focus on AWS, Linux sysadmin, and automation work. I've spent the last 8 years in a role that has shaped me into the kind of engineer that can fix anything, exposing me to some of the deepest darkest horrors of tech debt.

I have managed infrastructure for a wide variety of clients - from two-man startups to government and enterprise, and everything in between.

Fireground Photography

While volunteering with the Rural Fire Service, I was blessed with the opportunity to get my camera in close to the action.

I have since become accredited for freelance fireground photography and have documented bush and grassfires across NSW and Victoria.

My work has been published in online news sites such as the ABC and distributed by the Australian Associated Press.


My love for all things meteorological originally triggered my interest in photography - a desire to document driving me to capture nature's beauty in as accurate a way as possible.

Time lapse videos of thunderstorms are my niche passion. The compression of time reframes the storm in such a way that it feels alive, allowing the viewer to witness the birth and death of small features within the storm's larger lifecycle.